Credentials Evaluation for Athletic Trainers / Therapists and Sport Rehabilitators

Credentials Evaluation for Athletic Trainers / Therapists and Sport Rehabilitators

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The Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI), the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT), the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC), and the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA), require athletic trainers/therapists and sport rehabilitators already credentialed in their jurisdictions to complete an international credentials evaluation with ICD as part of their application for certification or registration in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada.

ICD’s Credentials Evaluation for Athletic Trainers/Therapists and Sport Rehabilitators (CE-ATSR) service demonstrates to these credentialing bodies how your qualifications align with their standards for credentialing and helps them better understand your international credentials so they can make the right decision about your application.

Your CE-ATSR report will include:

  • Verification of your identity
  • Authentication of your education and credential (and licensure/registration if U.S.) history
  • Evaluation of your qualifications for comparability

Who Should Purchase CE-ATSR?

Are you an Athletic Trainer/Therapist or Sport Rehabilitator educated and/or credentialed by one of following organizations?

  • Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI)
  • British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT)
  • Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC)
  • Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA)

AND are you applying to be credentialed with one or more of these organizations?

If yes, you will need to purchase this credentials evaluation service from ICD once prompted to do so by the organization(s) to which you are applying for certification or registration.

NOTE: Before purchasing this credentials evaluation from ICD, you must first begin the application process with the credentialing body with which you wish to apply for certification or registration, as named above. The credentialing body will then direct you to ICD if you are required to complete the CE-ATSR service.

Unsure if you need to purchase the CE-ATSR?

For more information or to contact the credentialing body that have partnered with ICD to receive CE-ATSR reports, visit this link.

How it Works


Click Apply Now to create an ICD Applicant Portal account.


Use the Service Selector to locate the CE-ATSR service.


Complete your profile and provide information about your professional credential from one of the following: ARTI (Ireland) , BASRaT (UK), BOC (U.S.), or CATA (Canada) by responding to the applicant questionnaire and review the provided materials from the credentialing body in which you are applying


Pay for the CE-ATSR service.


Follow the instructions for collecting your personal identification, education and professional documents for evaluation by ICD.


ICD will complete and send your CE-ATSR report to the credentialing body for inclusion with your application. You will also receive an applicant copy of your report from ICD.


The credentialing body reviews your CE-ATSR report and will communicate next steps to you within 10 business days.


Required Documents & How to Submit them

Identity Documents

Identity Documents

Submit color photocopies of TWO notarized forms of valid identification directly to ICD that verify your current name with no abbreviations. One form of identification must be a photo ID.

You may also need to submit additional identity documents to verify any other names you may have used that would appear on documents from your educational institutions or license / certification / registration authorities.

Acceptable forms of photo identification are:

  1. Passports (required)
  2. Driver’s Licenses
  3. Other government-issued photo identification

All photo IDs must include a clear photo of of you (color copies are required) and not be expired when received by ICD.

Other acceptable forms of identification include:

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Divorce Certificates
  4. Legal Name Change Affidavits

Document Language

If any of these documents are written in a language other than English, they must be translated by a certified translator.


These photocopies must be notarized (signed, dated, and stamped by an individual authorized to notarize documents, which could include notaries public, attorneys, etc.) copies of the original documents. You are responsible for all fees related to preparing your notarized documents.

Need help with notarization? See our NotaryCam option.

You must be with the notary at the time the original documents are copied and notarized. The notary is required to make a statement on all notarized identity document photocopies that the notary has seen the original document and that he/she is certifying that the copy is a “true copy” of the original (with the exception of a legal name affidavit which itself is an original document).

Applicants without passports

Non-national residents, refugees or stateless persons who are unable to obtain a passport or other travel document from their country of citizenship or nationality or who have no country of citizenship or nationality may be able to submit alternative documents as proof of identity. Please Contact ICD to learn more.

Education History

Education History

Once you purchase CE-ATSR, you will receive access to document request forms to send to all institutions where you completed higher/tertiary level education that has contributed to your knowledge base in athletic training/therapy.

Your educational institutions will use the forms to send documentation directly to ICD demonstrating evidence of education that contributed to your knowledge base in athletic training/therapy.

This education could include the following programs:

  1. Education Programs in Athletic Training/Therapy
    1. Associate’s Degrees
    2. Bachelor’s Degrees
    3. Master’s Degree s
    4. Doctoral/PHD Degrees
    5. Post—Doctoral Degrees
  2. Non- Athletic Training/Therapy Related Education with Transfer credit
    1. Any program for any discipline that preceded education in Athletic Training/Therapy for which the FEAT received transfer credit

The institutions will include information such as:

  1. Course hours/credit hours / curriculum
  2. Grades / transcripts
  3. All required supplemental information:
    1. Related Learning Experience (Philippines)
    2. School and University Mark Sheets (India)
    3. Diploma Supplement (European Union Countries)
    4. Theoretical hours and clinical practical hours for all

Unable to provide this documentation due to circumstances outside your control? Contact ICD to learn about our Inaccessible Documents policy.

Certification & License / Registration Verification

Certification & License / Registration Verification

To be eligible for this service, you are required to provide proof you have already been professionally certified by one of ICD’s partners in the CE-ATSR program: BOC (U.S.), ARTI (Ireland), BASRaT (UK) or CATA (Canada).

You will be asked to supply information about your professional certification in the My Profile Section of the ICD Applicant Portal, including which when it was issued, when it expires and the certifying body that issued your certificate.

U.S. applicants who hold a license and a certification are required to submit documentation for both credentials.

In the ICD Applicant Portal, you will gain access to forms to send to your certifying bodies and any licensing/registration bodies (if applicable) that governed or regulated your ability to practice as an Athletic Trainer/Therapist or Sport Rehabilitator. Online verification of your certification and license/registration may be available as well.

Your regulatory authorities will use the forms to submit documentation to ICD regarding your certification and license/registration history (if applicable), including the current status of your certification and/or license/registration to practice.

Unable to provide this documentation due to circumstances outside your control? Contact ICD to learn about our Inaccessible Documents policy.


The fee is $275 USD

This fee is separate from ARTI, BASRaT, BOC and CATA application fees.


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